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All members of the company,
each assuming ownership of the organization,
instill “professional confidence” in our clients

JC&Company is a professional firm committed to serving the needs of our clients. Our team of dedicated CPAs and Attorneys have an intricate understanding of the complexities of your business needs.

Since 2015, we have worked with individuals and corporations including publicly traded companies as well as a wide range of privately held companies. Through our network of offices across the country and overseas, and our collective resources and expertise, we have been providing excellent and individually tailored service to our wide range of clients.

The scope of our involvement with our clients does not just extend to issues that may arise during the course of complex and global business transactions; it extends to day-to-day affairs where we counsel clients on business and legal needs on a microscopic level. Our clients have come to rely upon our seamless service and know that they can contact our firm day or night for customized solutions to any problem.

A professional firm is known for the quality of its service. We are professionals who were trained as core members of the management team in major U.S. professional firms for over 20 years. We make certain the quality of our services at the highest standard, but at much flexible and affordable fee structure.

As trusted advisors, we turn knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients, our people, and the communities.

John Chung, President and Chief Executive Officer, JC&Company

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Our company is a reflection of
our thinking, our character, and our values.

JC&Company places a strong emphasis on personal integrity and everyone in the firm, regardless of their title or position, is obligated to uphold the ideals of professionalism. A primary responsibility of the firm is to observe the standards of professional conduct in practice.

By setting high standards for ourselves, and our clients, our commitment to upholding JC&Company’s values is clear: There is never a situation when compromising our standards is either expected or acceptable and we always align our culture of integrity with our values, words, and actions.


Members of the firm dedicate themselves to grow as professionals, and JC&Company provides necessary organizational support to achieve the individual growth together we grow as a company.

Client Value

For client’s satisfaction and success in business, we provide real value. We help our clients’ business grow in a challenging economy by minimizing risk, minimizing taxes, improving profitability, streamlining internal control, managing technology, and maximizing opportunities.


Through open communication, firm members participate in the decision­ making process together and equally, growing their ownership of the firm.

CJ Foodville USA, Inc.

Commerce, CA

“We depend on JC&Company for many services. They are enormously helpful with our audits, reporting to our Korean parent company and communicating with the parent company auditors, PwC. Besides our auditing, JC&Company also provides us with tax planning ideas when structuring our cross border transactions, as well as helping us to ensure compliance with U.S. tax law. I am happy to continue this successful relationship with them. Why haven’t we considered other accounting firms in all these years? Because JC&Company gives us exceptional service. They are true experts in what they do and are very proactive.”

Kisoo Lee / President

Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering

Dallas, TX

“They are our corporate CPA, providing tax, legal and accounting related services for our company. Their predecessor was one of the national firms, Deloitte. JC&Company represented then and still represents a good choice for us. They are qualified and well experienced in the area of international business with complicated corporate structure, so they bring a lot of expertise to the category. Our decision to bring them in was based on their experience, competency, capabilities and, as in most relationships, how well we fit and get along. They’re good people, and I’m glad that we work with them.”

Kris Chun / Corporate Treasurer, Operations

Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc.
(Nasdaq: LQMT)

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

“JC&Company helped us for two years, and I have worked with them before in other capacities as well. I can say without hesitation that they are not only technically proficient and highly competent; they are practical problem-solvers extraordinaire. With their help, we were able to get through a tough IRS examination, finally closed with no adjustment proposed by the agent. They are timely, professional, and they take our interests to heart. They are a true partner in our mission.”

Tony Chung / Chief Financial Officer

Daily Systems, LLC.

Paso Robles, CA

“When my relationship with JC&Company first commenced last year, I was quite candid with them. I told them we were a small company that does not have well established HR or Accounting department and that we were rookies when it came to financial reporting and international accounting and taxes. They were exceptionally patient and resourceful, helping me and our management group to understand what all the reporting and compliance requirements meant and why they were directed at us. Whenever a question arises, JC&Company is a phone call away. We rely on them to answer questions and assist us through processes all the time. They not only help with our accounting and taxes, but even supported and guided us through a major switch in accounting programs. They are always looking out for our best interest and often times get more involved in something that they are not required to in order to make sure we have all the tools to be successful. In my opinion, JC&Company goes above and beyond and they have been a really great partner.”

Rene Oliver President & Chief Executive Officer

Liveplex Co., Ltd.

Seoul, Korea

“JC&Company was the professional firm for our due diligence project in the United States for our potential reverse merger. It was an easy decision. They are outstanding with their in-depth knowledge in the issues and with their strong professionalism. They are responsive and knowledgeable about regulatory requirements for initial public offering in the U.S. and related SEC rules and regulations. And they have great honesty and integrity. We need our attorneys to be utterly truthful with us and keep us on the right track, and we can absolutely depend on JC&Company to fulfill that responsibility and look forward to a long-lasting relationship.”

Kwan-ho Ha Executive Vice President & CFO

Neowiz Games, Inc. / Neowiz Entertainment, Inc.

Irvine, CA

“After going through a number of traditional CPAs, I met John and his team and I immediately realized that he understood the tax and accounting issues of my company as well as mine. At the first meeting, he provided me with a comprehensive, but succinct, explanation about the issues I should consider as I managed an U.S subsidiary of a foreign company. I was truly glad that I finally found an accounting firm I can trust and depend on, and this was especially important to me because, although our parent company had good reputation and resources in Korea, the business in the U.S. was completely new to me and all my company members. Simply put, John and his team are impeccable professionals.”

Marvin Park President & Chief Executive Officer


San Francisco, CA

“As CEO of a startup company from Korea, I really needed strong and confident guidance on how to deal with all the legal and accounting matters that my company was facing in the U.S., as well as general business convention and culture in Silicon Valley area. JC&Company was there and we are more than satisfied with their service. They are knowledgeable, dependable and really attentive. In addition, they were really resourceful, because they are both law and accounting firm and we can get the one-stop legal and accounting service from them. Needless to say, it worked so efficiently so far and saved our time and costs. ”

Sunguk Moon / CEO


Torrance, CA

“I was really glad that I finally found a law firm I can trust and depend on, and JC&Company helped us a lot in both legal and accounting side when we opened our U.S. subsidiary. We did not have much resource regarding U.S. market although we have good track record in Korean and Asian market. We look forward to the continuing business alliance with them going forward.”

Yeonji Lee / Manager of Finance and Operation


Seoul, Korea

“I knew JC&Company since I worked at PwC Korea as we worked together on numerous U.S. cross border tax projects. I moved to Coupang afterwards, and when we needed tax advisors for our business expand to the U.S., I did not have any second thought other than to reach out to them, and we are happy to have them as our partner.”

John Kim / Director of Global Tax

SmileGate Holdings

Seattle, WA

“We engaged JC&Company for our due diligence project in the United States for our M&A project. We were able to see all the important checkpoints in legal, accounting and tax aspects, and we appreciate their service. ”

YongHwan Kim / Director